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SALT Architecture, LLC is a full service architectural design practice focused on the forward-looking visions of families; businesses, small and large; and community groups, civic+ cultural. Our creative approach shapes beautifully inspired projects that are also well grounded in cost/value considerations, useful practicality, technical excellence, and buildability. Our portfolio features projects of broadly varied sizes with construction costs ranging from refined luxury to the remarkably cost efficient. 


We are impassioned by the craft of building, by the ways that the material world comes together, and by the promise of bringing people together into community.

S A L T Founding Principal and Director of Architecture, Andrew Schilling, is committed to Design Excellence and brings an intelligent, deliberate and elegant approach to complex, challenging projects.  His portfolio of completed works includes Performing Arts, Library, Historic Renovation, Higher Education, Interactive Teaching/Learning, Border Crossings, Multifamily, Commercial Interiors and Speculative Office.


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03 curriculum vitae

S A L T brings over 25 years of design leadership at several prominent PNW design firms. We are ever grateful for the guidance and encouragement of our mentors. Many thanks to the leadership and our colleagues at Hacker, Opsis, Skylab, William/Kaven and others in Portland and beyond.


The clients and communities we have met and served in the run up to founding S A L T have been the joy of our humble work. It has been our great fortune to complete excellent projects for University of Washington, project^, King County Libraries, Oregon Military Department, GSA, Portland State University, University of Oregon, University Unitarian Church, and Urban Assets Advisors among numerous others.

Peer Review

04 peer review

Our pursuit of discipline, architecture, thrives in an open, dynamic collaborative environment. In this setting, the work often resembles play more so than labor.  We have built a career of learning, refinement, and mentoring the next generations of architects.

S A L T brings a unique perspective to design processes and their suitability to project and teaming needs. Moreover, we understand that professional development, especially of junior staff, is best served by work (play) at the edge of comfort zones where learning is steepest and the stakes are often highest.


Peer reviews build trust in the process and the project's development, especially when reviews are iterative and begin as early as the lead-up to 100% Schematic Documents. We can operate in several capacities, having provided assurance reviews from behind the scenes, out of sight from projects teams and clients, and we have also been embedded in teams for weekly process advisory and oversight. In the embedment model, we are able to clarify goals, identify challenges, and to mentor staff in their effective resolution. Reviews are thorough, detailed and forward-looking.


completeness of the plans and detailing, detailing logic, construction phasing, and bid-clarity.


inter-discipline – architectural, structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, telecom, equipment, landscape and specialty consultants.

Code Compliance

Fire and life safety, materials standards, basic ADA accessibility standards, code alternate request advice and writing.

Accessibility (ADA) & Life-Safety

Compliance concerns regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as egress & life-safety  requirements of the  IBC and local AHJs.

General Notes & Specifications

Comprehensive review of all technical project specifications to ensure proper coordination between drawing documents and written specs and a detailed review of the construction documents general notes.​





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